1. Hm..

    Heya guys long time din tumble over tumblr, hah

    juz came back to check everyone’s stuffz and upload a song which is quite nice. 

    So ciaos, be back when i got something to tumble over. XD

  2. "You don’t love a woman because she is beautiful, but she is beautiful because you love her"

  3. Some photo

  4. UMS Japanese Cultural Night

    Went to ums last night to watch the japanese cultural thingy. Well nothing much juz some basics knowlegde about japanese cultures and some performance. nice!

  5. Ur smile

    Today when i saw ur smile, i realise….its such a rare sight to see it…full with hope, honestly i wanted to tell u that u look cute, but then i decided not to. I always taught that someone else smile is the best smile i ever seen. but u proved it wrong today, both of u hv the ur own unique style of smile, hope that i can see it always. haha, lolz…meaningless post

  6. Boredness….

    Dunno why i decided to wake up this early to burn this, man…its 4am, to burn disc this early….bored….then go search folders randomly, realise its like a rubbish bin, all mixed up. songs with photos, photos with games….totally messy, found something that bring some memories back..lolz….

  7.  Zzzz…found this in archive, post fer fun. NICE PIC!!!

     Zzzz…found this in archive, post fer fun. NICE PIC!!!

  8. my post after my previous

    Lame title for this eh? X) well seems like alot things happened recently, badminton competition, hari koperasi, hari gemilang…..some events forgot already, no matter. Coming up is Music Fest and 7K, music fest din plan to go actually but sis asked me to go, oh well no choice lor. After music fest str8 back home and rest up for 7k (as if i will rest ==”). Lotsa homework to do, especially my Addmaths file, ppl punya file half full mine still empty like it was, chinese oral test coming up, EST its up to me now, jess comp and my comp can’t work together so no choice need to redo ==”, haiz….how long i need to work in a group with members that cannot put aside personal affairs…

Hi its Andrew here, about me? still teen, likes comics...single, but not avalable. hahahah xD
Andrew Xung

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